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Electronic ink is still trying to get out of the digital reading field to emerge as display technology. The previous record dated: a wall of screens of 6 meters at UN headquarters in New York.
For some years that the electronic ink is trying to diversify not be limited only to reading lights. E Ink, associated MpicoSys and Pervasive Displays, has just achieved a new world record with this wall of electronic ink screens 6 meters that were donated by the Netherlands on September 25 at UN headquarters in New -York. Maxima Queen and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon were present to discover this integration performed by the Metropolitan Architecture Office in the living room of the Northern delegations.

This wall is comprised of 33 E-Ink screens of 7.4 inches across the width of 7 height (or 231 in total), for a total resolution of 26,400 x 3,360 pixels. If this wall has nothing of a giant reading lamp, reading is nevertheless central to the concept, since as can be seen below, the eWall will be used to display various information to UN delegations.
For E Ink, this wall is a new advertisement that shows that the prospects for electronic ink go far beyond reading lights. In this area, the new reading lights ranges show that growth prospects remain at least for the time quite interesting, but the firm continues to innovate (including the arrival of new technologies such as “Carta”, integrated into the new Kindle Paperwhite or “Regal” to space the screen updates).
Connected watches, but especially the hulls or the electronic ink covers for smartphones shows that the electronic ink technology also has its place in many mobile devices.
But as shown by recent displays developed for displays (such as Spectra or Aurora technologies), the brand has also must make its technology in two areas with high potential: signage and display objects. In this area, the showroom of E-Ink is full of examples, from the display on a bicycle handlebar that on a sign, through the pill box, the computer keyboard or the display space on a USB key.